Wednesday, August 3, 2011

flea market finds and an op shop lesson.

My op shop venture this morning was at first a major dissapointment.

I missed out on the dolls house I have been looking for, it walked out the door just as I was heading from crockery to furniture, darn it. Note for next time start in furniture then do crockery.
for my tiny secretary
I did however pick up 2 children's 70's vinyl chairs in orange, I love these. And as my kids are calling it a tv dinner's tray table alla Matilda, in floral orange, for $2.99. My trolley was already brimming when I eyed this wonderful children's rocking chair for $6.99, I had to have it and I had to make it fit into our trolley.
sit piece: orange
The plan is to strip this back and paint it red orange or yellow. The kids are loving this chair, I wonder whether they'll part with it for a while. After all this shopping and furniture juggling the little girls and I had to stop for our French bakery babycino's and Mum's coffee and croissants. So nice.


  1. i LOVE those orange chairs and the tea table...oh that floral!

  2. What gorgeous finds, I have a stool covered in the same 70's orange that I keep meaning to cover but can't bring myself to! I'm with you too by the way - I would not have left that rocker behind either! :)

  3. Great chairs and I love the rocker. You were obviously not meant to have the dolls house, a better one is around the corner maybe.

  4. Wow! what great finds esp the rocking chair. Wonderful blog you have.

  5. That kids rocker will look great in orange!
    Good luck with your doll house hunt-I picked one up recently and am having loads of fun planning it's renovation.
    Lovely blog by the way x