Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I ate today

I have switched to traditional oats instead of quick oats. They are creamier, I feel like I'm eating rice pudding. Today I add a little brown sugar and cinnamon. I also have my tea.

two in the handleanheads and a plattermog
10.30, After mowing the lawn
The girls and I share a plate of apple, nuts and home-made apricot and date slice,some lemon shortbreads Eliza and Bea made on Saturday, another cup of tea. We kick back out on a blanket in the sun, I swear it feels like Spring.
We read Mog the Forgetful Cat, Hop on Pop, Spot's Busy Days, Curious George Opposites, and The Solar System. Circe paints, Eliza draws in the studio, I hang out laundry, and wash more laundry. And then wash more laundry, there is really too much laundry. The mound of dry clothes is building, building...
looming load

yard spread
We eat pasta with spinach and bacon a sort of carbonara. A bowl of fennel, carrot, cucumber with humus. Strawberries and kiwifruit

I eat another slice of apricot date with some nuts and another cup of tea.

A stack of hearts
We eat some peanut butter toast, we finish off the lemon shortbreads with a cup of tea. Aaron is home early. He plays carcassonne with Beatrix, Phoenix plays Lego, Eliza draws and Circe watches, plays with a puzzle, spills water, clings onto my leg as I cook.

hat head
The kids and Aaron have gone to the park with the neighbour. It's quiet. I finish off cooking dinner and bake an orange cake, in bliss.

beetrootthe clean plate
We eat pan-fried Hoki fillets, hasselback potatoes, a roast beetroot, pumpkin, carrot salad with spinach leaves and feta. The kids also have some leftover carbonara.

The orange cake is ready, Phoenix and I sneak a piece hot as the others put on their Pjs. We chat about a new kid he played with at school today. As the cake cools slightly we ice it, into the fridge for fiteen minutes and then another smaller piece.

delicate claw
Later the others get theirs too.


  1. Hi, I like your style and was so pleased to find you are in Oz too. Can i please please add you to 'parenting' blogs in Early Play Australia my new little venture? http://www.earlyplayaustralia.com/
    I can be contacted at lesley.sharpe@gmail.com

  2. i remember reading this post and i was certain i left a comment. i must have dreamt it, i am so sure i typed in this space. i remember thinking what a yummy food filled day you had. it just looked liked it was really enjoyed by all. i think i need some sleep. have a lovely weekend. it is very nice to meet you!

  3. Oh yum, i love porridge, i use quick oats, maybe i should switch back too?? I have been thinking about adding a sprinkling of fancy oats with fruit for fun?? Greetings from a fellow mummy of 4, love Posie

  4. I just found out (in a diabetes education class) that quick oats are not low GI (because they are quicker to digest as they're processed) and so you lose a lot of the health benefits by choosing them instead of traditional oats! I had no idea.