Sunday, August 21, 2011

some finds

Aluminium vintage tumblers
Aluminium vintage tumblers, by various brennemans.
Another episode of flea market finds. Earlier in the week I found these great aluminium tumblers, they remind me of a friend of mine, her parents had these and she would always get them out, I'd never seen such cups they were fascinating to me even then as a teenager.

I also picked up these duck egg blue Johnson plates for 99 cents each, a steal. This cute yellow daisy plate was also found at the same time. Look at that cute mushroom 70's enamel tin, this tin now holds Eliza's favourite pecans.
Johnsonenamel mushroom tin willow
A plaster of Paris bandages tin in green now houses my husband's wallet, mobile security pass and loose change, he used to drive us all mad not being able to find any of these things, now they are in this tin.
Today I picked up these Sunshine English plates at the tip shop, these were a little more than I'd normally spend but I needed a treat. I am someone who just loves toast, I could live on toast and tea and be happy as, with this set of bread plates I will be would be happier still.
 English bread platesplare
I hope you too had some finds that made your day.


  1. Gotta love a tip shop...but I think mine is starting to up its prices. Shame. My family had a set of those tumblers. They were in a cylindrical vinyl carry container with a zip around the edge and a flip top lid. We used them on picnics. Probably in the 1960s.

  2. Beautiful treasures. Love those Johnson plates. x

  3. I used to have those cups when were were kids...did they come in a leather case?? Also the plates are beautiful.

  4. No I wish they had come in a leather case, but if they had I think I'd be less inclined to use them everyday as we have been.