Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wreath making fun

My old neighbour, old as in we have moved and therefore she used to be my neighbour, held a wreath making workshop at her house a couple of weeks back.  I keep meaning to photograph Jen at work whilst she creates her arrangements however I haven't had the chance. So on this day I seized the opportunity to make a wreath as well as bring my camera along.

Jen has been learning to be florist, she has whipped up up some beautiful floral pieces a few of which we have been on the receiving end of.  On this particular Sunday afternoon we had a go at our own after Jen gave us a demo and provided us with everything we needed.

We even had time for wine and some lovely food, thank you Jen this was a great afternoon good fun and great company.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thirteen, no way!

Our eldest turned thirteen today, I cannot believe I have a teenager all of a sudden.  I am so thankful for this girl she is a dream, she is my near miss. Beatrix was born under an emergency caesaren four weeks early, she just stopped moving. I had Cholestasis of pregnancy a nasty condition that just drove me so batty, I have had it with all my pregnacies but this one was the worst, see It went undiagnosed and therefore untreated.. I almost lost her that day but thanks to some snappy decisions by the obstetritians and the foetal monitering dept at the Mercy she made it.
After much deliberation we named her, I say much because we are known to take 64 days, Beatrix was actually lucky I think it only took us less than two weeks. She is named after a painting called Beata Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, one of my favorite paintings.

And here she now is at thirteen, this girl puts her heart and soul into whatever she does, whether it be her friendships, her school work, an intensly intricate drawing , her guitar playing or just hanging out with her siblings.

 She is made of gold and we are keeping her.