Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wreath making fun

My old neighbour, old as in we have moved and therefore she used to be my neighbour, held a wreath making workshop at her house a couple of weeks back.  I keep meaning to photograph Jen at work whilst she creates her arrangements however I haven't had the chance. So on this day I seized the opportunity to make a wreath as well as bring my camera along.

Jen has been learning to be florist, she has whipped up up some beautiful floral pieces a few of which we have been on the receiving end of.  On this particular Sunday afternoon we had a go at our own after Jen gave us a demo and provided us with everything we needed.

We even had time for wine and some lovely food, thank you Jen this was a great afternoon good fun and great company.


  1. I would love to go to a workshop like this. I can sort of cobble something together but I would love to get the pro tips and tricks.

  2. As always love your posts, your pics are something else, and so now too are your wreaths samantha x x