Sunday, August 14, 2011

My flea market find - Swish blue dress

I love an excuse to op-shop, so I love "flea market finds" at Her Library Adventures.
Whilst I could rummage without children the other day, I found some great vintage dresses. Today I attempted photographing myself in them, well I managed one successfully. It's really hard to photograph yourself.
I love the print on this dress.
blue dress iii
blue dress iblue dress ii
I shall post the others soon.


  1. I love that dress, what a find, the photo is quite arty in it's concept I think.

  2. oh i love it! love the spots and the colour...very nice!

  3. Lovely and I agree not easy to do.

  4. I love the dress and you look great in it :)) (sis)

  5. so cute! gorgeous style & pattern.

  6. What a gorgeous dress! Great find, I never seem to find good dresses at the oppy:(