Thursday, August 18, 2011

one floral tea towel reloved

This tea towel inspired some earlier drawings when I first picked it up at on op shop back in May.

This week I thought it was time to cut it up and use it, believe me that was hard. I could easily have used it for tea parties however, I'd rather see it everyday, that's the beauty in re purposing, you give it a renewed love and refashion it in whatever way suits you.
patchwork pillow
Well the tea towel was used in a patchwork cushion for Miss Eliza 4, I am referring to her as Eliza 4 so as you know how old she is and to let you know that she now signs off as Eliza 4, since turning 4.

Eliza, helped choose the colours and fabrics, I think together we did an ok job. On a day when she was out and about I whipped it up to surprise her. She gave me so much love for the effort I'd gone to. I love mixing linens with vintage fabrics, mixing old with modern.
Tea towel skirttea towel skirt
This tea towel also inspired the new and only skirt Miss Circe now owns, I need to crank out a few more for Spring. I kept this one dark with the denim and light with the floral, so as it is still a little wintery, I am happy with it.

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  1. Love the cushion - you both did a wonderful job choosing the fabric. I love the new skirt too, the treasure pocket is perfect :)