Sunday, July 31, 2011

rainy saturday

Today as I sat in a newly opened cafe with two friends, we'd escaped my place leaving behind all the children. As we sat in this great cafe complete with indoor bicycle parking. I thought I am for a change not sitting wrangling a toddler and wiping up spilt baby-cino, no I am sitting with the girls looking very much like the women I sometimes envy who always look like they are having way more fun than me. I digress this place was a lovely space.

We did however wait way too long for our food, but golly gosh I wasn't too fussed I was too busy immersing myself in a world where I could talk and listen without ma ma ma ma getting progressively louder in my ear. I was in love with those light blue geometric tiles, bare brick walls, bentwood chairs and the french accent on our waitress.
Take a look at my cute European hot chocolate, all manner of tardy food service was forgiven when we sipped this,bitter sweet chocolate made right there on the premises, come on.
wooden spoon
We then walked to the also new lost and found market. My how my this little strip end of Lygon street is stepping up. I grew up around here and worked in my parents bakery just opposite for a very long long time so seeing this place change the way it has is just great, my parents shop is however still stuck in the 80's.
quick stack bric brac
The lost and found market was so visually pleasing, a little too pricey for someone who likes to op shop, but I came away with some ideas and some inspiration, and a Fleur Wood silk top.
fancier than me
This was a little treat, something girly and very nice. We all had a little fun trying on our wares and showing each other, just like I used to do many moons ago.
Once we were done in the market we crossed over to window shop at Pop Craft a beautiful little shop, selling yarn and some handmade pieces.
wollythree stoogesopen
Next to pop craft is each Peach and this little bicycle sits out front, aint it sweet.
green power
Off Home we went.

Getting home and still feeling a little like I wanted to be out I took three of my kids for a bike ride/walk along the creek. I love seeing my kids outside.
The leisurely morning meant I wasn't even phased when phoenix rode through some thick mud and got himself boot deep in it. Nope we instead just decided He'd have to go barefoot and walk or ride his bike. He was fine, with that.
soon-to-be-known-as toeless
My littlest is an avid walker, she just treks along doesn't even ask to be carried. Eliza and her balance bike riding alongside and sometimes a little too close to the edge for Phoenix who worried that she'd fall in.
take point
As we walked and greeted fellow walkers and all dogs as you do with a toddler, The light shower and afternoon glow bought the brightest fullest arched rainbow for the longest time. After way many "what a gorgeous rainbow" from me, Finally Circe sees the rainbow, the look of awe and wonder was priceless.
years in the makingineffable
Home to a meal Hubby had made whilst revelling in the quiet of our usually loud home, whilst listening to some dub.

I hope you too enjoyed your Saturday.

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