Monday, July 4, 2011

I went out walking, what did you see?

I saw...
A hunter gatherer window display, in a vintage store.

I passed great knockers (of the door kind),

Peeling paint, a lovely patina worn and graceful,

Rusted oranges and yellow against a cold grey day that even turned my hands a shade of numbing blue,

Sitting solitary with other solitaries in Loafer bread, regaining feeling and colour with fingers wrapped around a latte,

Ate a wonderful Lentil and mushroom pie, the best flaky buttery pastry that ever passed these lips,

A fat slice of Babka all twirled rolled and twisted to rise in a beautiful fluted shape, sitting high on a crystal cake plate, who could say no.
knockerhandledecorustmonkey in the windowTin potOh dear


  1. You have inspired me to "open" my eyes a bit more!

  2. What a beautiful post - thankyou :)