Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just a quick stop


A quick morning trip to the local library and I have bought home a wonderful book called, Bake essential companion, by Alison Thompson.
You know I need to bake more sweets, just look back at my last posts, I haven't baked enough of late. This book is gorgeous, beautiful photography, decadent sweets and pastries. There is even a recipe for puff pastry, now I always just buy it in a pack, because seriously puff pastry requires some arm work. There is a quick puff pastry recipe in there though, I may try it out. 

sideboard vingette

I also can never resist a pretty twig of Australian Silver gum, for purposes of drawing and just cause they're so pretty.
Whilst out I remembered a friend had said, I had to try the bakery that sells great baklava near the library, again I didn't really need more sweets but I live in an area where there is baklava a plenty and if there is some that is better than the rest then I am there. It is certainly good I have eaten three.

baklava with tea

So a quick dash to library and I have something to peruse over tea and sweets, what could be better when it is so cold and wet outside.


  1. I saw that one in our bookstore. Let us know if you try any of the recipes. Love the cover. I once made a puff pastry from scratch and it honestly wasn't that hard, just quite a bit of waiting around, so start it early. The results were so much nicer than store bought. Love the gumleaves too xo

  2. Looks like a great book. Even the cover itself looks delicious nevermind the recipes inside. And I am certainly a baklava lover. Mmmm.

  3. this is fantastic love the photography work too (sis)..

  4. That book looks lovely, the cover is beautiful. The styling is great too love your teacup. If you've found a baklava recipe that works, please post! Thank you!