Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another cake and an art party.

You cannot ever have too much cake or too many birthday celebrations.

I hereby declare my love for my women's weekly butter cake recipe. I shall never bake any other children's cake using any other recipe. Three layers baked for 15 min produced an excellent cake to sandwich. I had also made the sweetest bunting which was easy to make I just cut out all my fabric into 1'" triangles and stung them together with 2 stitches in each and so on till they were all strung together.
no idea is too odd, no hour too late
Just when I thought I ought to be in bed already I thought of making these name picks with some mid weight paper cut into 1 1/2" rounds and I made up some circus font in black marker, just written with a light hand so as to make it look print-and-miss if you know what I mean. I then applied a scrap of glue and sandwiched front and backs with skewer sandwiched in between. Too easy, and effective.
prep workEL
The next afternoon was the art party for Eliza and her friends. Half the fun for me was the opening up of sequins, paint new brushes and glue and pastels and reams of think Kraft paper.
the angry dog is watching, always watching
What a joyous afternoon with little stress and even an impromptu picnic on the lounge room floor, we had to have sushi and spring rolls, Eliza's favourite. Just when they thought it couldn't get better, we had the triple layer chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cake with yummy frosting. Bring on the next birthday. (Mine!)
picnic i


  1. Looks like a fantastic birthday party! I love the bunting and the name tag sitcks! Very pretty effect... I'd love some of the cake right now with my coffee!

  2. Yum! Look at that cake! I love a good birthday cake, I always use my favourite butter cake recipe (it may even be the WW one) and loads of butter icing! Looked like a fun little party. Happy Birthday Eliza! :)

  3. Happy birthday little one!! That cakes looks fantastic and I loooooove the bunting!

  4. Thank you all, I too am wishing I had more of that cake.

  5. oh my gosh! sooo much fun! love that bunting, the cake and the letters. you're so talented!

  6. That cake looks delish, and I love your decorations, very effective. An art party sounds like heaps of fun :)