Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Eliza

Our third born turned four this weekend, I cannot believe where the years have gone.

Whilst I am happy she is getting older I am feeling the memories of her babyhood and toddler hood fading, I wish I could remember it all.

The times that are clear are the ones where she was most mischievous. The time she smeared nappy cream all over her change table and blinds and hid behind them sleepless and victorious. The time she made her way out the window and down the street to a neighbor to see the chooks in her pajamas, the time she told me she hated the skirt I made for her, or when she pulled my string of  pom-poms down.


Although those memories are clearest I will cherish even more the many we spent  nestled close with in my bed the feeds we had, the cheeks that grew  full and round, because of me. The memories that are being made everyday. The little felt cat we made together that she called Mr. Marbles and cuddles every night to sleep. The recent week she learned to click her fingers and consequently clicked them all the time.

The ever growing letters that fill her pages, the finger that brushes across them as she reads only what she can understand to me, the patchwork of colour in every drawing she makes. The ritual she has of making me drawings they fill jars, the fridge door, there are stacks to keep, the little piles I would never dare have her find in the recycling.

not much left

The nights I spent by her bed when she had croup, the fevers where she saw things that weren't there. the love of monkeys when she was two, the love of our cat who died when she was three, whom she still misses. The special place she held in her Granma's heart, they never had the chance to meet, but her little 18 month old hand reached out and touched her at the funeral.

The way she takes her balance bike everywhere we go. The way she never fails to tell me I really appreciate that you made me dinner Mum.  The bond that she has with people, the places she holds in the hearts of many that love her. Most of all the wonderful big sister she has made to her baby sister, their laughter together is  so warm and infectious they are growing into best friends.

cakeno form
I love her dearly and wish her a very happy Birthday.  Even as I return to edit this post a letter sat on my pillow waiting me, what a little treasure.


  1. Through Tesrs I reckon it's the best post yet, pulls at my heart strings xoxoxox my little bubba Eliza...I love you xo

  2. what a little treasure indeed! you write so beautifully about her. just lovely.

  3. beautiful pictures and words. happy birthday!