Friday, April 22, 2011

pom poms are meant to make you smile

On one of my weekly op-shop trips I found a wonderful bag of tapestry wool, all made in France, and of varying colours, the whole lot cost me two dollars. My little heart instantly saw the pompoms of my childhood.

So to work I set, cutting out cardboard doughnut shapes. Each length of wool was eight metres, the thicker wool working out the best otherwise I'd suggest ten metres. Each one takes about 30 minutes. You can work with two metre lengths at a time, this is easier.

I get carpel tunnel so this was not a great exercise for me! Luckily Beatrix (my ten-year-old) had a friend staying the last two days, well these two were like Nannas on my porch chatting and giggling whilst threading the pompoms. I couldn't resist the urge to bring them tea and warm brownies.

no way, random

Thank you Soule Mamma for these yummy brownies from Smitten Kitten.

Seeing as this pom-pomming went on well into the afternoon and early evening I easily whipped these up whilst baby napped and the rest of the crew were over the road first at one neighbour's baking cake and then at another's watching a DVD together, gotta love my street.


Ohh back to the pompoms, so pleasing, some feeling so full and round and soft. I enjoyed seeing them pile up and then line up, enjoyed looking forward to them ultimately being a garland for my bedroom. Anticipation builds.

puff IIIpuff Ipuff IIpuff IV

I strung them, we hung them, and we admired our work. Even baby said "cute."


Well little did I realise Miss three Eliza Lou didn't think too much of this whole whooo-haaa. When we'd all finished fussing, she secretly went into my room and pulled them down.

When I first found them gone and then found them impossible-to-fix tangled up and shoved under a pillow, I was so upset and cross at her. I just couldn't understand why she did it. I sat her down, sat her down for the longest time out she has ever had, ever. I felt she needed to understand that she could not ruin something another person had made. Not just that I'd made, but that Beatrix and her friend had made.

I was really cross.

I felt really disappointed in her, I am still trying to understand whether there was a reason or not. At some level, though, I am now thinking have I taken this all a too seriously and too much to heart. They're just pompoms for goodness sakes. Pompoms are meant to make you smile.


  1. No matter how big or small the object, peoples feelings and hard work matters. The little one needs to know the world does not revolve around them (I think there is some jealousy here). It is a hard lesson but one best learnt sooner. Some parents fail to teach it at all and it comes a real shock to these little people when they go to school and the world becomes bigger and all of a sudden has team concepts.

  2. You're a great mum Ines and a wonderful person, it will rub off on Eliza Lou, we all come from different places. I have a special boy very much the same - I sometimes need to be harder on him but gentler also, it takes so much time, and is so difficult when a child is a bit outside the rest of the family - you could just pass her on to Aaron and say 'that's your child' :) Our little one is an incredible challenge but the shining moments of reward amongst the difficulties shine indeed!

    Love Carmen

  3. You did well to work on boundaries with her - so hard when they're young, but other people's hard work has to be respected.

    And I'm totally moving to your street. Kids in and out of houses - happy sigh. My street has so few kids, and very private mummies who won't say hello back at me - after years of no response I begin to wonder if I have horns or perhaps always spaghetti in my teeth??? I am envious!

  4. Thank you for the messages guys, this little incident did kind of break me, so I am glad for the support. Thanks Tanya for pointing out that it does matter even if it is just pom poms, I was looking for excuses, I guess.
    She is such a defiant and strong willed child, I love that in her,just sometimes it is a challenge. Carmen I think our spicy little kids will grow up to be vibrant talented people, we are so lucky they are not boring.
    Alison my street is pretty special, everyone is friendly and we do so much together, I will let you know if there is ever an an opening.

  5. Eliza reminds me of Adriana alot when she was small. The doll face with a mystery behind those big eyes, sometimes I wouldn't have believed she'd do stuff out of the ordinary if i hadn't found her hiding in a corner hiding her face with both arms, not my baby with angelic smile, but there were times I waited for her head to spin right round..... sounds like jealousy not participating in a mother/daughter and friend project, can be tricky for a 3 year old :)

  6. I was thinking the same as the person above, maybe she felt excluded and acted out because of it?
    Sounds like a lovely day overall though and the pompoms, although short lived, looked great! :)