Wednesday, April 6, 2011

apples and oranges

treasure chestow, my eye!, originally uploaded by various brennemans.

There is monotony in the drives you take everyday, to and from work or school. Of late the mornings are cold, grey.

I pass this house on one of my regular drives, I love it. I love the pop of orange and yellow in an otherwise dull and grey concreted multi-apartment same sameness. Makes me want to paint something orange, makes me think 'this is where the sun is hiding!' Or at least 'these guys are cool.'

brunch behind bagelyou like apples?

Cold mornings breaking into warmish noons have been just delightful. The slight warmth perfect for a bowl of rising sweet bagel dough. These chewy crisp bagels were so yummy, I made them for our Sunday brunch.

My Autumn so far been filled with home grown apples, yellow light filled afternoons, time spent washing woolens, sorting everybody's wardrobes, and sewing my baby some new warm pants for the cooler days ahead.

him jimpup cup

And what a cute snuggly corduroy-ey bundle of owlness she is.


  1. The colour combo on the house looks great! I like how it works with what I'm imagining is a 70's revamp of an old terrace house?
    Are you able to share the Bagel recipe please?

  2. I am able to share the bagel recipe, both as a blueberry and a plain slightly sweet bagel as I made. I will endeavour to get it posted within the day I will see how I go. I committed myself to recipe Wednesday just to keep regular. So look out for it.