Saturday, April 30, 2011

anachronism (1 of 2)

We ventured out this weekend. I was amazed myself.

We had a five day break at the end of school holidays, for Easter and ANZAC day how wonderful, even just thinking about it coming was a little shiver of excitement. Especially seeing as the Autumn weather was perfect on each and every one of those days!

Phoenix and Beatrix's school is turning 125 this year, and they are celebrating it next week by dressing up and doing some activities from the era. There will be a period costume part, and I thought seeing the the Gold rush days of the 1850's in Victoria up-close and personal would give me inspiration. Sovereign Hill, open air museum and object of many a school excursion, here we come.

Two hours drive later, but amazingly enthusiasm un-dampened. Kids good, Aaron good, only got a little bit lost on the way. Maybe 100ks extra, maximum, but we made a great drive/navigator team and the kids made up "we're lost and we're gonna die of starvation" songs, so fantastic really.

I had always remembered the boiled lollies of Sovereign Hill, from the excursions with school when I was younger. So when I saw the shop, I said We have to take the kids in here! Phoenix walked ahead with my Nephew, really excited. He had his own money, and he's a careful spender. Can I buy something? Please?

I say yes and they are off like a shot, coming out with one of those comic-weapon-sized lollipops I have always said he couldn't have. Good on him.


I love the people, like the fella who sat and played the harmonica. There are those who wonder the street like they are going about their business, almost oblivious to your presence. It is really like you are watching them but they don't see you, it's a little eerie.

Like a movie sceneharmonica

Of course they will speak if you ask them a question.
California purple2 women

See what I mean they really look like they are actually going somewhere, I imagine them whispering about their weekend at the club,about how hung over they are, how can you talk of such things in a gown like that.
New York bakery womenpeacocks

It's a wonder these horse drawn carts don't take down a pedestrian, my son Phoenix had to dash for sweet life as one came round the corner. I laughed.

Even these two little lovelies, visitors like us but American I think, dressed the part. As did my husband, despite my constructive criticism. One of the mine workers said it was a "fine hat," but they get paid to say that.

Holly was her namepeacock

It was just nice, too, to just be together, doing something nice.

dirty hands and lollypop

Circe was already a happy little camper on this whole outing, with an apple lollipop she wasn't letting go of, but really good and easy. There was one time she was so taken by the peacocks she too would have walked away, a bit too far really. And she leant really far over machinery a few times. And the trampling horse thing, like with Phoenix. But man did she hold on to that lollipop, and that dandelion, and she wasn't going to sleep either until this thing was all gone. At like nine o'clock. But good the whole time, really.

Dandelion  should have been her nameDandelion and peacock

Another really good thing were the houses, you could walk through the little dwellings of various types. From the surprisingly cosy canvas tent with wooden roof and fireplace, up to proper houses that Aaron says we couldn't have afforded if we lived back then. And they were pretty small.
Wash house
A walk through the cottages, looking at the furniture, it might make you thankful for your Boshe or your Miele. I am glad for the advances we have, but I love the simplicity too. Like the all-wooden trough, sides and all, man I 'd love one of those.
Bluesimple lightwash

But it was getting late, since we'd left the house two and a half hours late, and there was still lots to do.

(2/2) Soon to come.


  1. absolutely love this!! Great that traditional Sovereign Hill is still around for all generations to experience, must go back myself one day soon :) (sis)

  2. Gorgeous photos Ines. It sounds like you had a fantastic time. Not sure if I'd trust that fella in the black hat though...

  3. Loving looking at your pics and reading your words about Sovereign Hill (which I just noticed in your post labels list). We took our kids there last year and we all had such a ball over two very full days. I was so pleased that it was at least as good as my own childhood memories of it. If we lived two hours away (close!) from it I think we would have been pestered back there at least once by now!
    I was very taken by the 'simple life' of the tiny dwellings, too :)