Thursday, June 30, 2011

a trifle late

We are getting a little sweet on Winter of late, Warm desserts of and pear or apple whichever is in my fruitbowl teamed with berries, frozen of course, lashings of wonderful homemade custard.

pear and blueberry crumble

Whimsical wishes of summer were had in a bowl of Trifle we had, every family member watched as the layers  were assembled with jelly, custard,  moist coconut, cream, berries and sponge.

finger in

A twenty five dollar trifle at that, see there is a story behind that. My husband had made a gorgeous trifle one evening, back in February, February 1st to be precise. Layers and layers of yumminess made in our kitchen only to be whisk away the very next day  to work.  Well my son held him to a contract 20 cents a day 'till he made one for us all.

a trifle late

Almost six months later and the wait cost him $25 dollars, and in the end I had actually made the custard, jelly and cream, if I hadn't we'd be owing him a car at twenty one.

awaitingeton mess
After making my own custard one usually ends up with three egg whites, well that means meringues doesn't it?  Meringues with strawberries and cream. Now that's a whole lotta spoilt kids in my house right now having too  much of a good thing.
airy good


  1. I was never a Trifle Person. But I swear your top pic has me converted.

  2. i love trifle and i LOVE your meringues!!