Sunday, June 12, 2011

cancel ginger.

When I go to the green grocer I always snap ginger off. I have never wanted an entire root of it nor would I use it all in the week, so I snap it off. It occurred to me that I have never seen anybody else do this. I assume it's ok... isn't it? I mean I have never been reprimanded or publicly shamed, so I think it's ok. Right?

A few weeks back when I put ginger on my standing order from my fruit-and-veg farmer I assumed he too would just snap it off, but ohhh no I get an entire root. As soon as I opened the box I thought, "That will last me! Better cancel next week's"

I love ginger. But seeing as I am terribly unorganised and I keep forgetting to cancel my order, every Friday morning it dawns on me when I wake up "Ginger! I forgot to cancel the ginger." It has become a running joke. I have used it everywhere - in my tea, in stir fries, curries, I still only use three thumb sized bits a week.

I have given it away I ate so much of it whilst I was ill, but I still have at least a half a kilo. But I'm finding inspiration in the everyday, thanks Pia!
making something from excess


  1. I keep forgetting to cancel items from my farmers list too... I found the only was to stop this was to cancel it all together off my " regular order" I mean how many whole pumpkins can a person use a week, seriously I ended up with pumpkin coming out of my ears!!! (sis)

  2. I snap it off at the greengrocer's too. Nobody's ever arrested me. Beautiful paintings, photographs as always.

  3. i always snap it off too! love the illustrations. with that much ginger you would be smelling sweet :)

  4. Love the ginger pics. And thanks for the ginger - it was perfect in the tom yum soup :)

  5. I snap it off too! Always the juicyest bits...

    I like the look on the grid paper. You really have captured the lumpy bumpy nature of the ginger. Beautiful!

  6. your illustrations are beautiful.

    hi there, just stumbled in.

    i always snap off hinger, and snap of a few bananas off the bunch. oh dear, never considered it was not a done thing. i wonder..... :)

  7. Yep, I'm a snapper too! Your Pics are amazing! :)

  8. Your ginger paintings are fabulous!!! Love them!