Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stephanie Alexander came to our school today!

Today was the launch of The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation program at my children's school.

There was such a vibe and buzz in the kitchen. The children were so excited and wanted to help out however they could. Many yummy dishes were made and served by them. What an event for them, and so exciting for our school community.

The program is just wonderful, our school has worked so hard to qualify for it.  You could see at the opening that it has been made possible because of the dedication and support of the teachers, parents and community.

It's just so great to see something like this take shape, to be a part of it every time I come along to volunteer does my heart good. 


  1. How wonderful! My Mum is involved in this wonderful program in SA. It really is amazing :) The food at your school looks delicious and very gourmet!

  2. Well done to your school. Your kids will love it. We've had if for about four years now (though never a visit from the great SA!) and there are plans for a bush tucker extension on the garden. Before I had Violet I used to go in and help with the cooking. It was the best lunch ever!

  3. how lucky are you! what an amazing program