Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meringues from whites and Gnocchi from yolks

I like it when the night before's leftovers become something else the next day.

Today i used up last nights leftover mash potato from our finnish meatballs from this book and mash dinner,which if I had photos you'd see that they were just like the Ikea ones, only better! I used the mash, which i made tonnes of in my potato gnocchi, which were just yummy, and as always the kids get so excited to eat gnocchi.

Without even planning it as such the gnocchi required 4 egg yolks which I happened to have from this afternoons meringues with berries. I loved that it just happened that way, no waste makes me a very happy girl.

 Potato gnocchi.

1 kg mash potato
Big handful parmasen cheese
1/4 tsp nutmeg grated
4 egg yolks
300g flour
Just mix all your ingredients together, knead on a floured board adding more flour if necessary till the dough is soft but not too sticky.
Divide the dough up into about 8 or 10 portions, roll these into long sausages.
Cut the rolled out dough about 1/2 thumb size bits.
Lightly flour the gnocchi and then press a finger into them as you roll them one by one.
Drop into salted boiling water, they are ready when they all float up to the surface.

Enjoy them with whatever sauce you like, I love a homemade simple Napoli sauce and lots of fresh parmasen on top.

What do you do with your leftover whites or yolks?


  1. that sort of thing makes me happy too!

  2. that looks really yum
    nice blog you got

  3. I love gnocchi but it seems to take me ages to make. I'm not so good at keeping those leftover yolks which I know I should but I remember reading on Tania's blog (Ivy Nest) that she used her yolks to make a custard:)