Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jerusalem artichoke soup with brie and walnut

This is a soup I created from a bag full of Jerusalem artichokes we bought back home from a recent food swap.
Funnily enough in the same week I  had tried them on Friday in Kitchen garden at my kids school. We made Jerusalem artichoke provencale, a simple sauteed dish containing  just onion, garlic, tomato and toasted breadcrumbs in olive oil and parsley and parmesan, the kids on my table loved it, my son.... well he faked a sickie.

60 g butter
8 Jerusalem artichokes scrubbed and peeled, chop to thumb sizes
5 medium potatoes washed and peeled, quatered.
1 brown onion diced
3 cloves of garlic crushed
1 lt of stock veg or chicken
500 ml of water
salt pepper to taste

In a pot, heat the butter, saute the onion and garlic, careful not to burn.
Add the jerusalem artichokes and potato, toss it all around for a few min
Add the stock and water.
Cover and cook for 45 min or till vegies are tender, add more water if needed.
Puree the soup
then add salt and pepper to taste.

Dish it up ,placing a good slice of brie, sprinkle in some walnuts just crushed in your hand.
Some parmasan if you like and extra black pepper.

Enjoy this hearty soup outdoors in the crisp cold whilst watching your partner gardening, hand him a bowl of it to get instant love.

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