Sunday, July 1, 2012

week in food

The boy turned nine. 

This was his party cake a.k.a. cake #1. We spent the day at Scienceworks seeing the Wallace and Grommit exhibition, Planetarium, and Lightning Room. I took along five boys and Beatrix, and we had a really good day.  Memorable.

Actual day of birthday cake, I thought cake #2 had best be a Pavlova seeing as we still had cake # 1 leftover

Today's breakfast consisted of Ricotta pancakes with strawberry and honeyed ricotta cream.

Testing out my new cast iron baking dish from Aldi, I roasted up some Rhubarb and pear in fresh orange juice and some raw sugar.

I made some custard with the leftover egg yokes from the pav, looks good except you can't see that it actually was curdled.

Roasted up some capsicum for some sandwiches to be had throughout the week.

Having successfully made mayonnaise in the past I thought Id make some for upcoming reuben sandwich feast, except it never worked. I added the oil to quickly and my ingredients were too cold.

Some banana cake which if you look closely you'll notice I over beat it, still getting the hang of the Kitchenaid's might and power.

 Another pan I purchased from Aldi for $24 on Wednesday (along with half of Melbourne, it seemed).  Love the navy blue colour, this is a must-have pan! 

It is shallow enough to braise beautifully and is large enough for my big family. Hey, I was even game enough to joint my own chicken.

I served the Chinese braised chicken with home-grown Pak choy and broccoli on a bed of steamed rice. This meal was so good.

Here is the Reuben, ohh so yum, I have had two versions of this sandwich this week one at 9 pm after the school movie night  and I think I might just have one on Sunday for lunch. 


  1. Oh how we love Wallace and Grommit! Sounds like a wonderful birthday.

  2. Ohh....ALL of this food looks divine! Even the messed up mayo. :) Happy 9th birthday!

  3. i love aldi. your baking & cooking looks sensational. the delicious. hip hip hooray for the birthday boy! xo

  4. Love the pics and looks so yummy!!! Aldi rocks :))) Happy Birthday Phoenix!!! Love Scienceworks.... (sis)

  5. Hey! No more posting with negative comments! As my Aunty Gabi (a great painter and artist) always used to say "Never apologise for your art". Congrats on being the mother of a great 9 year old! You deserve a glass hammer :D Samantha