Sunday, May 15, 2011

tinfoil hearts on the kitchen floor

After making promises I realized I had not kept up my own regular postings. Oops!

I started this week with a big project last Saturday night. Six cushions in one night for my sisters' birthdays. I had a lot of silks and linens which were perfect for them, thanks as always to my seamstress neighbor's cast-offs. I called in my other neighbor, funkbunny, for some company and help. We are birds-of-a-feather and sewing together just works for us. We took only 3 1/2 hours, it was great.

I was a little sorry these had to be split; they looked great as a whole.

The next morning was Mother's day, it was lovely, three breakfasts in bed and lots of cuddles and a sleep in. Which was much appreciated after the late-night sewing!
Mothers DayMorning 1retro
My highlight was Beatrix's first attempt at mushrooms on toast, these were amazingly good. My little heart skips a beat now when she says "Mum I am ready to cook more." That's my girl, she was along time coming in the culinary area, but here she is, Yeahhh.

I couldn't ask for more.

Later that day I had eight children on my kitchen floor picnicking with some deliciously good (if slightly ragged) three-colour marble cake.
marble cake
I was content. Feeding cake to this herd of small children, I felt eight little memories being made right there.
eight is enough
Later that day I went to a family gathering for Mother's day, pillows to give and food to share, children bundled into car we set off.

My plan had been that the sister would get two pillows each. My sisters decided instead to split them between two, and I offered to make another three more for the one who went home empty handed. It was easy to agree as two liked the same ones, besides three together looked better than two together and I was feeling a little generous seeing as it was Mother's Day.

It could not have made me happier. I was having a pass-the-love-on kind of day, and just like they say it came back to me...

I'd left a little earlier than my husband on Friday morning. We bundled the kids into the car, he waved goodbye (looking very cute in his shirt and tie, may I add). When I returned later that day my husband surprised me with tinfoil hearts on my kitchen floor.

I could see them when I opened the door sparkling and glistening in the rainy mornings filtered light. My first thought was that he'd eaten an Easter egg and left the wrappings all over the floor! As I drew a little closer, I noticed they were cut out tiny hearts, about fifty. My heart went all gooey. And then I thought how silly of me to think such a thing of him, I felt a little bad.