Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have had a week of the sicks.

Everyone came down with something of some sort at some time or another. I am currently sitting up in bed after a week of having to get on with it, by afternoon on most days my eyes and nose had a mind of their own,of course just in time for the school pick up. My husband tonight ordered me to bed with honey and lemon tea and a water bottle to snuggle, he cooked and cleaned whilst I have blogged.

I had tried earlier to rest but my two littlest babes just wanted to cuddle me and each other in my bed, awwww the cuteness factor was off the charts. But all is quiet now and I needed some moments to touch base and show you some of what I have been up to,

I wish you could have tasted that soup. Great for those times when you're ill but still have an appetite. You'll have to See Jamie Oliver's Dinners book for the recipe. Or if you beg enough I'll blog my version when I feel better.
Spicy pumpkin laksa soup with rice.
I tweaked it a little to suit me, I like the rice in a chunk not cooked into it. This warms the tummy, soothes the soul, and kicks that head colds butt if you add the chilli. We all had seconds.

I thought you might like to see some more drawings. I am trying to find a theme or a thread, I am feeling a little all-up-and-over the place. The vintage finds drawings are something I am liking doing, I think I'll keep those up. I'd love some ideas for a direction!
tea towel findfloralnine five two oneblue teapot
The two fashion ensembles I saw this week clothing-and-style-wise were just too much to take in. My head-cold head was in overload. I couldn't visually store the salmon bicycle red lipsticked taupe and salmon vintage sunglass-ed girl in my head. I must carry a camera for such occasions.

I am keen to sew again,I have a stash of fabrics awaiting my return. They warm my sideboard at the moment looking comfortably neutral, rustic, and floral. I am thinking cushions with some of these, my veranda needs some colour.

And finally: My daughter Beatrix's drawings. They are an inspiration to me, and the small images here don't do them justice, click though to Flickr on the coffee cup. Her precision and eye are to be commended, she is ten for goodness snakes! She is going to be restoring the Sistine chapel when she is my age.
Beatrix drawsChandelier by BeaMum's coffee


  1. What lovely art work and material stash.
    Hope you feel better soon

  2. wow your daughter's drawings are Ah-mazing! so are yours of course :)

    i'm loving the flowery ones, perhaps because we want those gorgeous blossoms to last forever, but this is the closest we can get

  3. Bea's drawings remind me of Quentin Blake's - he was Roald Dahl's illustrator...


  4. Your drawings and those of your very talented daughter are fantastic! Um I can do stick figures? Hope you feel better soon. The soup looks good

  5. Please share the recipe! Rice never seems to amaze me...