Friday, May 6, 2011

promises, promises

Good studio practice was something I never had.

At uni, at home when I had no children and even now when I have four, I still struggle to keep up the practice. I wish I were more disciplined I imagine I'd be somewhere by now. I know I am somewhere,It's just all those years back I imagined that I'd be in a studio, in with the galleries, having shows, blah-blahing about my work.

But I hated all that blah blah, It's not me.

I thought I'd blog out some goals, my husband always says when you write it down it makes it more real, well if I tell the world then surely I have to meet my goals right?

I want to draw every night, even just a thumbnail sketch.

I want to follow a theme and exhaust all it's possibilities.

I want to gather up research material

I will photograph daily

I am going to print, that's right print my photos so I can have tangible material.

I am going to find some exhibitions I want to see and actually go along.

I want to get out there.

Here are some snippets of how I am going, It's easier to share your sewing and cooking stuff I find it harder to share my drawings. But hey that will help me get out there.
chairmy feeti love my bogvarious small and round


  1. It can be so difficult to carve out the time for those sorts of things. Good for you for committing to your work. I especially love the chair drawing.

  2. It's a hard one. When I paint I want to get lost and work for a good straight 7 or 8 hours. But life rarely holds that sort of schedule for me even now the children are grown. So I snatch it where I can. Most of the artists I know have been late bloomers once they were able to "retire" from their real jobs and the great thing about them is that they are over the blah blah by that age too and just get to enjoy and let the galleries come to them. Definitely keep drawing because that can become rusty, a bit like singing really. I like the chair too because it looks quite bold and free and you achieved good perspective.

  3. And the lanterns...I love where that could go...

  4. Have you read The Divided Heart by Rachel Power? A book about art and motherhood, structured around interviews with Australian artists who are also mothers, and talking about the way their two passions (art, kids) feed into each other or collide or are mutually exclusive - depends very much on the individual of course. A fascinating read - and a reminder you (we) are not alone.

  5. Wow, these are amazing. I can not draw, I so wish that I could. Good for you for making goals. Finding time to be truly and selfishly creative is difficult. I've been making some goals too. Some days I think I could tackle the world, other days I don't even think I can tackle the washing!

  6. Thank you sorry for the delayed feedback. I think we have to do the things we love in order to be better people, so it seems selfish , but it's for the greater good.
    Alison I shall look into finding the book I'd love to hear what other Mum's have to say on the matter, cause balancing the two is bloody hard, especially when they are still so little. I am keeping up the drawing and am enjoying it, even when it's bad.