Thursday, May 19, 2011

drawing my thrifted finds

These are my weekend finds, I only popped into two thrift stores, goodness me but I couldn't resist. The wardrobe is my favorite, but alas I have built-in-robes. How often does someone wish they didn't have those? It's living in the sun-room, perhaps my sewing things will find a home instead of spilling all over the kitchen.
wardrobe find

And oh look at those red shoes, too sweet.
red shoes

I was one happy girl, and I thought it couldn't end there... so I drew them all.
one days finds
See I have been keeping my promise and I have been drawing away a little obsessively I might add. I have a few things going simultaneously some drawing projects, some sewing and some ideas brewing. It's nice.


  1. What great pictures! Do you use a sketch book or just cartridge?

  2. These are actually done on an art spectrum draw and wash block. I have a couple small moleskins as well. I am needing just a sketch pad for the car as I am just drawing things I see and then later relying on memory,that's harder.

  3. love love love those shoes, those drawings, all speaks of gentleness, happy now!

  4. I am absolutely loving your beautiful drawings. Well done you:)