Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what a lot of waffle

I'd been a little preoccupied these last two weeks. I've been doing a lot of clearing out of things, we do this whenever we are a little restless. A friend said "you guys either rearrange the furniture or get a skip."  I'd already re arranged my mantle at the beginning of spring so I guess a skip it would have to be.  I cleared out eight bags of stuff for the opp shop last weekend, just from one room, my spare room/studio.

I've come to be very ruthless. We all know the principle of a spring clean: If you've not used it or worn it in the last year, then you don't need it.

In our house we have a few surfaces as we all do and regardless of how clean it is now in a day or two the stuff will slowly begin to pile. The odd CD out of its case, a peg a sock, notebooks (we have a love of notebooks, everyone one of us). I cannot help but be reminded of the Absolutly Fabulous episode where the minimalist friend had a white room, so white that even the surfaces where invisible. I am not saying I want that, It just always makes us laugh when we try to clear the surfaces.

uri's pie
In all of my clearing up there was still room for cooking. During my clearing out I baked a pumpkin pie. I'd been left all on my own for several hours, Sheryl Crowe came out her case and rocked the house whilst I baked and cleaned.  That was a great pie, so good in fact that I realised that with every serve I'd offer to someone I'd cut myself another sliver, I think I polished off 3/4 of one pie all to myself. Thankfully I'd baked two.

This weekend there was some waffle making, made in the woddle. I am not a fan of gadjets however this little woddle maker was a great purchase. They are penguin shaped, and so darn cute. They have a scooped out belly for ice cream or berries, these woodles get made about once a fortnight. This time I made some carmalised apple to go with, the apple was just so perfect, the sauce silky and sweet.
food groups
After the woodles there was a request from little Eliza. She'd gone about her day, playing with dolls carting a little pram filled with oddities, including notebooks of course. She stopped at midday and was in a flutter, when she is frustrated she tries really hard to verbalise what is bothering her. On this occasion she couldn't remember what it was called she could only remember it had to do with the waffles. There were some major tears, a lot of repititan on both our parts, "waffles, but you've had waffles?" to which she'd reply "Waffles, I can't say, I can't remember, I don't know the word!"  Ohhh the agony. 
breakfast thread
Finally she took the book and found the picture near the waffles... of Sushi. Now after all this frustration you would move heaven and Earth to make Sushi happen. She had however displayed the warning signs that any leaving of the house could be bad. I pulled out some Nori sheets and said you can make sushi with Dad, trying to throw this one into his court.
anticipation of riceavacodo

So there was some Sushi goings on with dad and big sister Bea, whist I took Phoenix out for some satay and mango lassi at Thom Phat. We sat in the low lying sofa by the massive open out window to the street. This was nice and he discovered he loved Satay. The satay being so yummy the woman gave us a tub to take home, when I'd asked for a doggy bag. This became part of our chicken roti wraps for dinner that night and there were leftovers for two days in his lunch box.
cafe au lait
Aaron and I did manage to steal  some time  on Sunday to enjoy our breakfast of some potato rosti, poached eggs spinach and tomato and some caffe au lait, we like to sip it in bowls, a little bit betty blue. We wondered how three kids could be all busy in their room making a stop motion of some LEGO, but we didn't ask.  It was happening, they were happy, and we sipped our coffee.

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