Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a moody room

multi ricemulti rice, originally uploaded to the brenneman photo set.

We have a little sun-room out the back, it changes with the seasons. 

This room is never really cold, as it is east facing and in the morning is particularly warm and nice. When we moved in three years ago I had a day bed in one corner where Eliza, being only two months old, would take her naps in the Spring, when I couldn't settle her in her cradle.

We watch the rain from this room and it's the perfect place to see a rainbow in the afternoon coming up over the shed.

I think the room is made up of salvaged windows and a large wood framed sliding door, which I love. Babies at about a year old love to look out windows and because these windows are floor to ceiling Circe loves it here. She can see the big fig tree and all the birds that come to eat at it, Eliza loves to watch the bats at night squabble over the fruit.

There is a vintage Yardly make up advertisement resting against the window. I bought this and the white glass wrought iron table from this fabulous woman who had wonderful style. I even saw her and her house in an old magazine I had, and I spotted my Yardley poster which used to sit in her wardrobe. I felt very la-di-da after seeing that.
i heart you, ines
This room sometimes houses my washing when it rains, it also has a large table which is great for folding, and keeping the workload of washing out of sight if I am trying to ignore it. 

Over the weekend I cleaned it out, you know the type of stuff that accumulates in a room like this: shoes, skates, outdoor blankets, and two baskets of folding. Those I leave for the ex-US navy boy husband of mine who is lacking only the ruler they used to use to fold, cause he doesn't need it. A few things remain the shells in their memory box from Maloolaba QLD,  a reminder of the holiday we took whilst I was pregnant with our second child. The stained glass window frame from our once neighbour's, that I just like. A basket of animals and some board books for the littler ones. I may house some water-paints and the roll of IKEA paper here to draw as this gets excellent light.

We ate a meal here as we will do on many a night in the Spring and coming Summer it is brighter in here in the evening than in my kitchen and we can see the garden from here. We were very low on rations and as I'd been sick I had little to work with. (I might add here that I love whipping something wonderful out of very little. It makes me feel thrifty.) I made two curries, one potato and the other a pea and chicken, plus a mountain of rice which would never satisfy Beatrix the rice-fiend.
two curriesyou say potatopeas please
It was beautiful, Phoenix and Bea both were loving being in the sunroom eating and enjoyed some time without the two younger ones. Aaron and I taking shots of the spread we had laid out and he taking some beautiful shots of the Nasturtiums sitting in a Shatto Milk bottle, which always makes us think of Missouri and the kids began to pine over the flavours: The chocolate, the caramel, the banana, the strawberry... which was better, ahh the root beer milk, they both agree.
Shatto II

In the coming weeks I am going to finally paint the walls a colour I am yet to choose, not white as I think we will be blinded. Something subtle and cool I think.  I am also so keen to bring some yellow in here I may paint a chair or stool.Will I even have time to paint, how to keep little hands away, I don't know. I will continue to dream up the things we will do in this room in the next few months.

Now how to keep out the sand and those muddy feet.

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  1. the pictures Ines are fantastic, love the colors and everything about the blog...(sis)