Saturday, November 27, 2010

quick, scarf it

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I was so pleased the other day to have had some time to fossick the fabric store. I'd had in mind that I wanted to make a simple scarf that required little skill no measuring, and that I could make in a spare hour.

Beatrix loves to wear light scarves ,so I picked up some stretch jersey which I just cut to about 20 cm and about 1 m long. I then stitched a cute trim with a faint floral pattern to compliment the watermelon colour I'd chosen. There was no need to over lock, a zig zag would do before you added the trim, but I didn't. This was to be as simple as possible.

Once the trim was attached I then folded it over the edge of the fabric along the entire scarf and stitched on the other side. Carefully tucking and sewing a neat edge on all four corners. That's it.
I loved that when finished it didn't look crooked and in fact the non stretch trim and the stretchy jersey actually gave it a kind of accidental ruffle edge. The next morning Miss Bea had a new scarf to wear to school, Eliza is already placing her order.

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  1. that is so cool!! So creative and beautiful in so little time, love it..(sis)