Sunday, March 18, 2012

my sunday

My Sunday: Getting ready to do too many things in too little time! I love my life.
  eggs on toast planning 12 getting ready lentils for the week


  1. Lovely to visit your blog. Tuesday looks delicious! I laughed when I read your kitten story. I am sure our two cats enjoy the hospitality of others. One often returns after an absence with a spring in his step and what looks like a full belly :)

  2. oh what a blessing sunday is. mine was a little crazy this week but my favourite sundays look a little like yours did. have a great week - Kel

  3. I see Japanese sewing patterns were part of your weekend also.Love your choice of books too :) I'm looking forward to cooking from the Super Natural book. It all looks so colourful and wholesome. Though we do like to add a little meat every couple of days. Loving your vertical garden too!