Thursday, March 15, 2012

A beautiful Monday

Monday's public holiday saw us heading out to see friends in Musk.

Oddly, first thing on getting there the kids took an outside bath, it sits over a fire pit and when smoldering it heats the water beautifully. Overhead, the afternoon sun glowed orange through a long, smoke-hazed afternoon. We spent it eating, picking raspberries, planting seedlings.

As the light was fading there was a ride on a vintage tractor, still with its original 62 year old wheels. Even I took a ride with Aaron and our two smallest children, my knuckles were white my face a little pale. Don't get my wrong I enjoyed it I was just a little scared, even though we were only going 10 kmh. Those big wheels are just too close! I just loved this old tractor, though.

Birthday cake for Aaron (no photos of that, it went fast!) then washing up and home time. I was glad I had my camera with me that day, lots of beautiful things to capture.
ahhh bliss the cup run, berries await! circe picking beatrix picking i beatrix picking ii beatrix picking iii plenty red horn (after market) fuel headlamp 62 what? dead luminal looking inside copse light


  1. What a wonderful day out you had. Those raspberries look devine and what a great way to have a bath.

  2. Oh you were just on the other sid eof Daylesford from us.
    Looks like a gorgeous weekend too.

    Thanks so much for sending me the link to your youtube clip.
    The best thing to come out of posting my blog yesterday has been all the different links and opinions and advice.
    Our computer also sits in full view in the kitchen like yours does, so I hope for a transparent internet future.

    Have a wonderful weekend. x

  3. These are beautiful photos and memories!