Monday, January 23, 2012

Three dolls for my three girls

Is it too late to share one of the gifts I made for my girls this Last Christmas?

I found this great pattern and tutorial from Emily Martin as seen on Martha Stewart. This is the pattern and tutorial. 

If you don't already know Emily Martin she is the creator of the Black Apple Paper doll primer an amazing paper doll book, check out what Beatrix made from this book last Father's Day here.
  Back to these dolls,  I had to make them in secret, well I snuck moments here and there, even around the kids as you do when elving away.  I loved figuring out who would like what fabric and which colour . I just loved making them.
Eliza is smitten with her Yellow haired and scarf wearing Polly. Beatrix Loves her black haired slightly older looking doll, she called her Eenie,  Circe loves her honey coloured still nameless dolly. 
I found the inspiration for the pigtails on flickr photo share, these were easy to make up and incorporate into the already too cute hair line, just cut the shapes separately and pin in place at the tuck in stage. 
The faces were embroidered, the pattern calls for the faces being drawn on in fabric pens, but I think my way worked just fine.
I am itching to make more.


  1. love these! i have one of these on my 'to make' list this week - yours are gorgeous!!

    Kel x

  2. These are beautiful! :) Must make one, or two, or ten! :)
    Cute Cute Cute!

  3. these dolls are so sweet & adorable. i agree with you about emily martin & her creativeness...she is amazing and how clever are you. i think i would love to make lots. xo

  4. oh my goodness...these are SO sweet! And your daughter looks like a precious little doll herself holding hers.