Monday, January 9, 2012

Made for older girl

I really want to make more clothes for my eleven year old, A because she loves me sewing her stuff and B because she actually will wear them, ( how long will that last I wonder)

 The type of clothing I have made for her include 

  • I have made her 2 tops from this pattern, Burda easy 9573, she loves them  I am going to attempt to simply lengthen it a little to make a mini dress for her.
  • I have also been stretching myself a little making my own pattern, following instructions of course. I made her a chemise top from Carefree clothes for girls, I love this book. Except the sizes range from  4 to 7 but if I can make my petite 11 year old clothes from here anyone can.

I added a cute button covered in the same fabric, because it's always hard to tell the back from the front.

  • I have found that the older children get the more difficult it becomes to sew them simple clothes. I found these knot shorts over on this brilliant site MADE, these were fun, I used a pants pattern I already had and just shortened them, I then followed the easy instructions and made the pattern. I would suggest that if you are going to make these, only leave about 7 or 8 cm from the crotch, they look better being quite short, as skimpy as that seems kids have short legs ( well mine do)  I made them a little longer but wish i hadn't.This pattern has a contrasting facing piece which is a little big if you ask me, next time I am going to alter this, next time. However as is works just fine. The knot is dead cute and for this age group I think they're quite funky. I just finished making these in time, she left for Tasmania that afternoon and wore them on her first solo plane trip to meet her best friend, that made me feel really good.
  • I also found this pattern just last night in the wee hours.
 What have you made for your older girl or boy, I'd love to know, if you can link a pattern or site for me, I will check them out.


  1. i need to practice more with sewing clothes. i make alterations to dresses that are too small for penny. they become skirts that are comfy and still look good. i love the idea that she can get wear out of her clothes. children grow so fast! those shorts are really cute. xo.

  2. The shorts are so sweet! And I'm with you about wanting to sew for the kids for as long as they will wear the things! I made a simple pair of shorts in dark bamboo denim (quite soft) for my 10 year old boy, which he wears a lot. They were my home-upsized version of an Oliver & S pattern. I'm now getting into making simple t-shirts for my kids as well... you can't go too far wrong with a t-shirt.

  3. Gorgeous! I've been making some shorts and pants for my 18mo.. I think I'll add some knots to the bottom of the next pair! :) Thanks for sharing! :)