Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School holiday eating and a recipe Wednesday.

Ahh, school holidays... No rush means there are more raspberry ricotta pancakes being made.

I even made Pie. We love pie here. In fact it was a pie kind of night, I'd made a chicken pie for dinner  and then a sweet potato pie for dessert.

My eleven year old missed out because she was away on a holiday with her best friend, when she saw these pictures she almost wept. This is a sweet potato pie.

I had a baked pie crust leftover so 2 days later I made Banoffee pie. My golly gosh this is so good. This is my sons favorite pie. In fact we argue over who loves it more.

I owe Miss Beatrix one of these.

I have continued baking my own bread, Aaron makes about half of them now as well.  His contributions lead to an over-all loss, though, as he eats so much of it.

We are buying one loaf a week and the rest we do our own couple of  loaves every second day.

I made a batch of these yummy sausage rolls, these have been a lunchtime hit.

I baked about a third of what I had made and froze the rest uncooked. Today I defrosted another third this took an hour sitting at room temp. I love that these have rice and carrot in them as well, so much healtier than store bought.

 Sausage rolls.
1 large onion chopped
3 medium carrots grated
1 cup of white or brown cooked rice,cooled.
500g good quality sausage mince.
1 cup of homemade breadcrumbs
3 sage leaves finely chopped.
small handful of parsley finely chopped.
2 teaspoons of salt
few shakes of black pepper
1 pkt of puff pastry thawed.


Use a food processor to puree your onion you may add the parsley and sage here too, blitz it all. Remove and set aside.
Make the homemade breadcrumbs,( I always have a bit of stale bread in the freezer to make quick breadcrumbs, you can grate it really easily.)Or you can make your breadcrumbs in the food processor. 

In a large mixing bowl add the sausage mince,cooled rice and your blitzed ingredients including the salt and pepper. Wet your hands slightly and squish away, till well combined takes a couple of minutes.

Now take your sheet of thawed out puff pastry and halve them. With wet hands add a row of the mixture as seen in the picture, it help here to do a couple of sheets at a time. (Your hands get pretty messy!)

Now take your long edge and fold it over to meet the other edge. crimp the edges shut with your fingers. Fold the crimped edge under the roll so as to keep it from opening up.

Repeat this process till you are done. 

Next you need to cut to your desired portions, then lay baking paper on your tray and lay these little babes out! They should have space between them but not too much. You can brush the tops with beaten egg, I don't.

Bake at 180 deg for 15 min till the pastry is golden and all flaky.

Enjoy these with tomato sauce, chutney, or relish whatever you like. 

Coming up: I'll show you our school holiday crafting. 


  1. this all looks so amazing. what a yummy kitchen you have going there. banoffee pie i love! i ate so much of it so often i had to stop for fear i would end up hating it. great photos of delicious dishes. my kids would love the sausage rolls. thanks. xo

    1. Ines, I love reading all you blogs and seeing the great meals you make. Your such a inspiration to all us mums(& dads). How fortunate you are to have such a beautiful family & your children are so lucky to have you to follow in your footsteps.