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This is one of my most favourite places in Melbourne and lucky for me it is in my local area. Ceres spans 10 acres and although in the midst of the suburbs you feel like you are out in the country. I came here on Wednesday to buy some fruit and veg at the outdoor market.

My two little ones and I spent 2 hours just in that area, we ate olive rolls, drank a latte ate some of the goodies we had bought.including some amazing blueberries from an area we are familiar with. The beauty of buying here is that all produce is organic, a lot of it grown on site or as locally sought as possible. The food miles are written on each sign for every item. There are no Californian Navel oranges here, if it's out of season they don't have it.

I had to have a muffin, these are phenomenal we split an apple and walnut one, it was so good we went back for a banana coconut. I wish I made muffins that good. Although I had not come along with other Mums like many of the others there had, people are friendly and the environment is so communal, it's ok if your child hoes into someone else's muffin, hence why I also bought two. I will post at a latter date some more photos from the market, I forgot my camera that day.

The photos above were taken on the Saturday, I went back this time taking my son and our neighbour's boy. I plan on coming weekly, we are wanting to buy less from the supermarkets and more from the Farmers and markets like this one.In the current price wars in supermarkets in this country, some produce is being so downgraded to make it cheaper it is scary. Laws on labelling are not up to speed yet and I want to know what is in the food I am buying, I am no saint but I try to make good choices where possible, grow or make my own if I can.


  1. wow! I know all about Ceres and have had them come out to school and worked with them on projects at my old school...but guess what? I have never been there! How remiss of me! Next time i am down in the big smoke, I am going to make sure I pop in!

  2. Hazel,
    you just have to get out there when you are next here, it is a truly inspiring place, so much to see so many places to sit and take it all in. The lots where locals lease plots are great, just seeing the way people grow their vegies and how many you can grow in a small space. The market and cafe are also terrific. Keep it in mind, Collingwood Children's farm is another, Ceres does a lot more as in programes and education whereas the children's farm is more for visiting also, beautiful.

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  4. Ins i love ceres i plan to go this week and have lunch there. my favorite dish is the indenosion eggs,and i love the vegies there and the organic shop.You do feel like your in the country we are lucky to have it in our area.

  5. You are lucky to have a place like this to go to, You can't beat farm fresh seasonal produce.


    This post of yours is indeed a lovely one, even when taking into consideration the general excellence of this blog.

    It made me think of the link above, on “making do,” which I pass on as I thought you’d find it interesting.

    Soylent Lean
    "Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could."
    Abigail Adams to John Adams, March 31, 1776

  7. Thank you for the above link Soylent Lean, a very interesting read. The story is one that I think will become an all too familiar one to many if things keep going the way they are. People took tree changes to slow down to relax now I think we will hear more and more about people being unable to afford life in the city. It is sad and at the same time humbling, we could all learn a lot from this honest piece of writing.