Monday, March 7, 2011

autumn clean

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The little burst of Autumn warmth this weekend inspired me to clean my room. And there was also this thing about becoming asthmatic again after many many years. Yeah that's been a little frightening as I didn't really know a whole lot about just how dangerous it can be, and quite frankly I didn't like worrying my beautiful husband. After ignoring the wheezing for a week, it was his sweetness about being scared that finally got through to me.

Well after visiting Ambulances for Asthma online and seeing that if you have no access to a reliever then you call an ambulance, I was a little freaked, too. The next day I was in the doctor's office. I left there with a script in hand chest x-ray order in the other. I felt a little reassured that I'd be better off that night for it.

Dust triggers asthma. The next day, the beautiful burst of sunshine and warmth we've had here after a really non-existent Summer meant I could wash the doona, air out the pillows, and do a though clean. Full of optimism, hair tied up, mini-skirt on, look out dirt!

But then there was the horrible truth of under the bed.

You all know what I mean. It was a furry grey layer, thick and clumpy. If you had wooden floors it would be the dust rhino (that had eaten the dust bunnies, of course). Yeah my little lungs took a not so deep breath in and carried on. I am talking here of not just vacuum-ing around it but actually moving the bed. Since my husband insisted on a futon, it was impossible to move. Like wrestling The BlobTM. We admitted that this was too difficult to get done in one night, moved into the lounge room and slept there. This was nice, and surely we'd get the job done Saturday morning.

It took two days.

After this clean (and Aaron's inspired re-arranging) I today decided to make it a more restful place too. My bed is for rest, for snuggling, I have always bought the whomever-is-still-a-baby-at-the time into bed with us at seven am for the morning breastfeed and snuggle. It is for bedtime stories, somersaults (not me but my four children!), nanna naps, cups of tea, laptops on lap, and books by the bed side. It is the special place the children can take a nap in if they are unwell.

new look
I love this space. I have never been a fan of the doona set with matching pillows and then the pillows for show and the valance, do they still do those? My room is not a showroom, it is not precious. ok, I don't allow feet on the bed, and I was a bit averse to our now passed on cat Holyboy always at the end of the bed. Under the covers, if Aaron could sneak him in.

I still can feel his sharp feet under there, even once patted him in my sleep.

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