Thursday, December 27, 2012

There's no saving face here

Christmas day has come and gone, I thought I'd share a moment from that morning where I nearly cried, but that now just makes me laugh.

After we'd opened our presents, had a lovely breakfast of waffles and tea, all was calm and quiet. Eliza and Beatrix were busy with a rockstar stencil book, a hobby they both share, Phoenix was busy with his new hobbit lego, Circe was watching her new DVD The Gruffalo's child. Time passed as time does when children are busy and you are actually in the kitchen alone.
I wondered after a while what Circe might be up to.

Out loud I said " Where is Circe?,  She's quiet, That's never good"

My husband called out to me that she was ".....In here", with that wait till you see what she's done tone.
Now it was about 10 minutes before we were due to leave for Christmas lunch, at a friend's place. We all  kind of like our kids to try to brush their hair and wear matching socks  on such occasions, right?

Yeah, all that went out the window, Circe had covered her face in her new markers, mixing all the colours together to make some muddy greeny brown, she wanted to be a lion.
I was a little peeved, considering we were still working to remove 2 week old tattoos she and Eliza had covered her arms and chest in.

 Here is where I was really confronted,

Aaron: " Just leave her like that"
Me: "what", I do not compute.
Aaron:" Yeah we don't have time, just leave it"

Meanwhile Circe is freaking out because I want to wipe it off her face and she can't stand having her face wiped.
So going like that was just fine for her.

Me, I am rationalising the situation, who is going to care and is this just me trying to make my kid look good on a special occasion.

Aaron, he's all cool with it. I  just had to let it go, I  put my expectations away for the day, My God that was really hard.

Long story short, nobody melted in a heap of social awkwardness or judged me for bringing her over with a face like that, we just laughed it off it was all fine we all had a kid that did something like that at one point or another.

Have you ever had one of your kids do something at the worst possible time?


  1. Well that is a great one to save for the 21st birthday album

  2. Thats hilarious - while reading it I thought "It couldnt be that bad" then the photo flashes up - Circe loving herself sick in her own face creation! Aaron's right - I bet everyone thought she was adorable, like your kids can get any.more.adorable! Just like their mumma :D Happy New Year Samantha x

  3. well done for rolling with it....
    it's the kind of thing you might feel self-concious about but other people are just amused or think it's sweet.
    (and she is so cute!)

    My husband says, when I ask him to brush our daughters hair
    "Brush her hair? Hair brushing is over-rated."
    drives me nuts. So I can relate to having a husband whose like "She's fine".