Sunday, December 30, 2012

I made some harem pants for Beatrix

I've taken to snipping out clothes from magazines, just little things to inspire and to reignite a sewing bug that has been in hibernation for too long. Have you had that happen ?, I know many of you have.

My life just got too busy to sew, I missed it terribly, I'd dust off my table but that was it.
I am hoping that with the holiday's and nowhere in particular to be that I'll start up again.

I am not necessary going to find a pattern for any of this stuff I've cut out, but at least I have some idea of what fabric I like and what things I might make, see I get a little overwhelmed when faced with 100's of  patterns.

I came across this picture of this little girl and loved her pants, I loved the carefree nature they inspired. So I took a pattern I had and for some pants, I added some length and also added the elastic at the bottom for the same kind of look, I guess It's a harem pant or a boho pant, i don't know I just know that they turned out just as I wanted them. I have orders from my other two girls and a pair for myself. The fabric I used is a lawn from spotlight, just wish I had bought metres and metres of it.


  1. Lovely photos. Your post makes me think about how little I have sewed - hand sewed patchwork quilts and Christmas stockings are about it. I don't get on well with sewing machines! I go to a wonderful dress maker though, a dress designer really, and we co create clothes I love and wear to bits. Jean

  2. Good to see you back and posting again! Pants look lovely - very summery. Happy new year :)

  3. That's a clever idea to cut out pictures for inspiration later on. Those pants you made look lovely and comfy it's pretty fabric, so light. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. :)

  4. I'm always clipping things from mags... used to be so precious about them that I would just mark the pages but of course things would go unfound again so now I try and clip as I go. One day i may even find some kind of scrapbook to paste them into... perpetually unorganised that's me hehe.
    I adore this pants, have been thinking about something similar lately for The Munchkin, but your idea of lengthening and banding rather than doing drop crotches sounds perfect - thanks :)