Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Starry starry night

I went away this weekend, to a little place simple and peaceful.

I love getting away: I love the packing up, the drive, the unplanned stops. It's always a case of leaving later than we want, and usually getting lost along the way. This time we packed little, in fact I only took one t-shirt and you know what I was OK with that. I didn't even pack my camera. Actually I didn't realise that I hadn't brought it until Aaron said that he was "glad I didn't pack it so I could enjoy the moments more". And he was right.

My best moment whilst away was one that A) I couldn't have taken a shot that would do it justice and B) I wasn't wearing anything.

The place had an outdoor bath which sits on a fire pit. During the day the girls had bathed together, as had Aaron and Phoenix. (That was some very cute father son time.) Aaron had thought the two of us should get in later that night. I thought it sounded like a crazy idea.

After we'd put them all to bed and I woke his sleepy head from beside our three girls I whispered "so are we going out?" I think he thought I'd back out, but no. I thought I'd get out there and step outside of my comfort zone.

It was so dark out! All we could see were the silhouettes of the trees, the fire still going, and the steam coming off the tub. Standing shivering in the dark, I was first to get in. It was truly amazing, being in a tub of hot water on a cool night in the middle of twenty acres under the most perfect midnight blue sky, dotted with more stars than I have ever seen.

We laid there we two and just enjoyed the peace, the escape from four children.  Aaron for once didn't want to talk much, it was me chattering for a change.  After a few minutes even I ran down, and we just quietly soaked it in.  Bliss.  There was even a meteor shower.

Falling stars, just for the two of us.


  1. Care to disclose the location? wood fire bath sounds sooooo cooool! Samantha