Wednesday, October 17, 2012

it begins today

Today I saw an opportunity.
I didn't procrastinate I didn't um and ahhh. I asked for what I wanted, what I needed, and I got it. Time to paint or draw, time to find the artist in me again.

Aaron left the house with Circe in tow to pick up Eliza from kinder, and I didn't waste a minute. I knew how precious this time was, I got to work. I cleared our sun room. I washed the windows and floor in there, this room recently housed our baby chicks and it still smelt of hay. I moved a couple of tables in and set up my space.

I dusted off the paints, threw out the hardened crusty ones,I discovered I had next to no paper to draw on except the end of an IKEA roll of paper, have to fix that mighty soon.

My gosh I was home alone and I was drawing not doing housework, write this down I tell you. I did have one visitor, Calvin the cat that thinks he lives here. He sniffed and brushed up against all the new things he hadn't seen till now. I even wrote a corny note on my blackboard so as to trigger this feeling I have in me to start something today.

My first projects are a commissioned painting, something botanical for a nursery. Concurrently I will also aim to get out four pieces for an art show in November, and a donated piece for auction in the art show for my children's school. Oh and maybe even for a small run of my own fabric, is that dreaming too big? I think not!

It begins today.

where I sat salad portrait with flowers desk studio cat visitor botanical drawing studio 3 keep calm studio


  1. You can do it Ines, I can't wait to see the pieces of amazing artworks and especially check out the Art Show pieces (sis) beautiful photos by the way!!

  2. sometimes we only have to give ourselves permission and then it all happens.

    cheers Kate

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  4. Keep going... you have too much talent not to...

  5. Good for you! Love your sun room too, it looks like a perfect creative space!

  6. Yeah I'm so happy for you:) What a wonderful beginning to something new and exciting. I'm so glad you got this precious time to be creative again. xx

  7. you can never dream too big. i think this is wonderful. i hope you share more of your creative space soon. xo

  8. I like Kate's comment about giving ourselves permission. Just this week I sighed and thought I wish I could have a day to paint. The thing is I could, quite easily, but I won't give myself permission, I keep saying that I have other "jobs" to do first. Somehow the art is...(searching for the word)...a treat? Not quite the right word but I think you'll know what I mean. Love the botanical in the tall Fowlers btw. Did you get that seed from me? Did you know you can eat the flowers and all in salads? I didn't plant any this year (Craig was away working and I dropped the autumn planting bundle!) and I am so missing it now.