Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our camping holiday

I love camping and I had missed it terribly.

We were ready to take our four children camping these Summer holidays, I really wanted to be seaside and Aaron wanted bush. Wilson's Prom is the southerly most tip of Australia and it was the perfect place for us both. We were fortunate that they started school a week later than most schools, so we got to enjoy some peace and have some of this glorious place to ourselves.  I was eager to leave the stresses we'd been having here at home with sleep and behaviour, I needed to be out there in nature and I really wanted to get my husband outdoors.

When we left I knew we were going to have a good time, I knew it was going to take us six hours to get there just because were slow and because my Husband freaked out when he saw the taco truck just one suburb out from where we live. We spent an hour munching away at yummy taco's in the car, this was a great start to our holiday.

We had great weather ate really good food, like red lentil dahl with rice, polenta with Parmesan and parsley, tuna pasta, cherry tomato risotto, the most delicious pan fried potatoes with red onion, that Aaron made, We even made popcorn as a treat. 




Every night we'd fall into sleep so easily, I'd look out over my doona and see 3 little sleeping bags all lined up, no tossing or turning just peaceful, I'd look over to my right and in her travel cot Circe was huddled in her own little space beside me asleep, the sleep drama from home all left behind, there was no fear of sleeping from Phoenix, we even managed to have Eliza sleep without a nappy for the first time ever after she reached her goal of 10 straight dry nights. Circe even potty trained herself, this was achievement all round and I was truly happy and content.

I'd whisper to Aaron this is my favorite time of the day, laying here all of us together.


  1. what glorious days and peaceful nights. i love the sounds of nature when camping. your holiday looks like alot of fun and the food sounds sensational for camping. i am taking you on our next trip :) hope all is well. xo

  2. It sounds like it was just the right medicine for all of you. What a beautiful place to go camping and it sounds like you had just the best time. I bet another camping holiday will be on the cards again:)