Saturday, February 25, 2012

My space, or is it?

A simple pegboard from the hardware has transformed my sewing space.

The image of the fabulous pegboard holding pots and pans from Real Living magazine,  has been on my inspiration door for ages. I kept thinking I have to have that in my house, so I took the idea of taking such a practical material  and used it in my sewing corner.

Pegboards are brilliant you can paint them in any colour, I used a sample pot of Taubmans Blue demon. It's a great way to have a pop of colour without painting a wall.  Then you can use all the accessories that your hardware stocks for pegboards, tool holders hooks work just as well for scissors. I am looking for containers to hang as well for storage of buttons, etc. Dowels could also hold thread, the ideas are endless, and it's such a practical piece why should it be limited to the garage.

Ohhh and what do you think of my chair? A roadside find dying for a lick of paint, I was hoping the blue and orange would look as good as it did in a Martha Stewart magazine cutout of a wardrobe . I have kept since 2003. I have been waiting years to use these colours together!

(The chair colour is taubmans again, tiger eye this time.)

Of course as soon as you build they will come, yes everyone is using my space. Even the mouse.


  1. Love this!! Will have to shamelessly copy you now !

  2. Oh wow, this is a terrific idea, you'll find heaps to hang here...including more inspirational pictures. Love the orange & blue together! :)