Wednesday, September 7, 2011

secret project: dad (part 1 of 2)

In my last post I mentioned being ill with Bronchitis and being looked after.

The letting go of all your normal tasks, the hope that your partner will go out there and be just like you. That they will hang that basket of two day old laundry, that they will unload the dishwasher before making more dishes, that they will eat fruit,just let it all go.

This time I tried not to think, to make it harder it was Sunday, I always like to tie things up on Sunday for the start of the week. Father's Day there was no breakfast in bed or cards or handmade gifts. Or gifts full stop, since I was sick in bed again.

Monday found all children home from said school and Aaron returning home at 10 am looking pale and lethargic, no questions asked it was my turn to do the looking after.

My eldest being only slightly sick wanted to make Aaron his Father's Day gift. I knew vaguely from my Death Bed on Sunday that she had attempted a mobile phone holder, but that she gave that one up. Well come Monday her new idea seemed like it would be fun, that it would be a bit of work that I'd give her some help. I didn't expect to be blown away at her determination, her accuracy her sneaky sleuth skill at gaining resources for her project.

Lucky her dad was barely conscious in bed, on a couple of occasions I was almost caught.

This project took all of Monday and some of today because between the two of us we were getting really carried away!

planning is important
This project made me think this 10 year old daughter of mine is just something special. At times you know I am a lost in her and her dad's shared sense of sarcasm, their like minded maddening sense of humour and intellect as she pulled off the best Father's Day- birthday- anything- present ever.

She knew what would tickle his humour and she nailed it. And hey I cannot be too envious of their father daughter thing when her artistic nature came from me, we had fun the two of us.

I will show you all the real thing tomorrow, cause truth is it's late here and I am needing to fight this chest thing. I need to be well on Friday, too, cause somebody is turning the big four-oh.

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