Friday, September 23, 2011

my party with a 20's twist: part one, props


I wanted to share my 40th birthday ideas with you all. I feel that tasteful party ideas are so hard to find.

When I thought of having a party I knew I wanted it to be fun, memorable and have a 20's feel to it. I didn't expect people to dress up but they could if they wanted to.

In case they hadn't I had prepared a whole lot of props to use in fun photo booth shots.

These were some things I used...

  • Firstly a large wooden frame with the picture removed. An op shop one will set you back anywhere between $20 to $50 dollars. Ouch! This one was a lucky roadside find.
  • Some handmade headbands, elasticised lace, sequins, and some silver elastic, also some florals which can all be bought by the metre. I also used feathers. you could use gemstones or old bits of costume jewellery or beading they would be equally good.
  • A hot glue gun is needed or some hand or machine sewing. I made about 8 an easy way to add a 20's touch.
  • Your local $2.00 shop will have feather boas and parasols these are really good for photos. Keep these in some vintage suitcases, laid out. They look awesome, wish I had had more time.
  • IMG_4651
  • If you wanted to go further you could source a cloche hat in wool, felt or crochet even. Men wore boater hats shirts, bow ties, suspenders.
  • Stiff felt, skewers for moustache on a stick. This was a great way to add some fun. I asked at the always-fabulous Kit and Nancy (who also shares a  birthday with me) for some tips making them. An online tutorial with templates found at Lisa Welge also helped. Thanks xxx, these were brilliant.

You could have a backdrop like a velvet curtain, we just used the parasols or the wall.

Your party could use some cute cues, like these.

A welcoming framed backboard for guests to see as they come in with the words welcome come this way. I love the old pointed finger, but I'd left that too late and was stressing about not being ready. This blackboard was made from a painting also found on the side of the road, with the frame we used to take pictures. Nice one, me!
I also used a blackboard to encourage flow through the house and to get people outside. I made this one, it sat at the wine table.
Loads of candles, fairy lights and some LED lanterns made the place look amazing. I had decorated a 40th in this same house for my friend. She had purchased these lanterns. lots of them. At her party we grouped them en mass in corners and against windows at varying heights, they were whimsical and gorgeous.

Lastly my outfit.

I love you Savers, this dress cost me $6.99 at a 50% off sale.  Brilliant for a party, particularly with a vintage theme. Another wonderful store is Lost & Found Market in Brunswick, wonderful place. I found these pearls there for $12.00.
I will share my food for the night on my next post, just too much to fit in.


  1. Ooh, how exciting! I love the idea of a 20's party,I have been to a few 40th's this year and they have all been, 70's or 80's themed! Some great ideas there, it's amazing what you can find when you look around a bit. I can't wait to see the Food!! :) Happy Birthday!

  2. What a lovely decoration! I love the frame idea for pictures and the chalkboard and the paper lamps are so charming. Happy belated birthday, sweetheart!