Sunday, January 30, 2011

miss adorable frock

Straight and to the point: The project! I'm trying to make everything in the "Sew La Tea Do" book. No particular order, just what strikes my fancy...

miss adorable frock

This dress was a delight to make, the instructions were easy and it was the first time I didn't have a melt down. It was also my introduction to front and back facing. Great way to learn on something this small. I did everything (laying out, cutting, sewing, and finishing) in one night while everyone slept.

My only compliant is that as a novice seamstress I wasn't to sure how to quite finish up the back facing area. The instructions in Sew la tea do kind of didn't explain how to neaten and finish. I worked it out and I think it came up neat and tidy.The pocket in the pattern was too small, totally unlike the generous pocket pictured in the book. I improvised.

Also the dress is really sized for a petite 3 year old, the pattern suggests it will fit a 12 month old to petite 4 year old. I have a petite 15 month old and it was way too big, perfect on my petite 3 year old though. Luckily I have all bases covered when it comes to sizes of children. Eliza just wears it as a top.
up to something

At first the dress did earn what was becoming a trademark "aaarghhh! I hate it!" from her. Maybe it's the fact that I am yet to actually wash the fabric before I sew it so she's probably just squirming in it feeling itchy. None the less her reaction is always a little disheartening.

I will report though that she has worn the dress three times so that's progress, and tonight while we walked on the sand she figured out she could put shells in the pockets!


  1. excellent if I do say so myself WELL DONE !!! (sis)who knows Ines, you may be one day making wedding dresses for your 3 grown up neices lol...

  2. Ines u really inspire me in all u do thank u ♡♥♡♥
    Great little dress good on u Bella xxx ur friend Renata