Friday, January 28, 2011

it was all yellow

tasmanian buttons
There are a few things I am really loving at the moment, thought I'd share with you just what has inspired me and what I have produced as a result.

I am in love with Yellow, full stop. This colour was so overlooked by me, never got my love, now I want to be bathed, in it want to wear it, want to paint with it. Me and this new love took drastic measures to seal our commitment to each other: I painted a Ikea kitchen stool in Dulux's "Daffodil yellow."

Wow. I love it, the kids think it's awesome and it is certainly a pop of colour.

I am finding fabric so inspiring whether it be some new bargain ream of end of line floral blue, yellow and orange cotton or some old pillow cases with retro prints. Seeing my little baby's chubby feet poking out from some newly made yoga pants is too scrumptious, 30 pictures later and I think I may have one to share.
yoga pants I
Receiving fantastic vintage buttons from Beatrix whilst she was away in Tasmania, we both adore buttons. I love the "will not be hurt by hot iron". I am imagining all the ways to use these blue buttons picked up by the friend she was staying with who knew about my obsession with old buttons.
boil tintedall purpose
Fabric bundles even made it to the eye level shelf in the dining area- sewing area
cookbooks were moved down a level, then My heart said "no", I love you both. So bundles ended up on top shelf where some precious things inherited from my mother in law were moved to a safer place. I put those in my glassed cabinet away from my climbing, scaling every surface baby. We are living at the moment with chairs on tables, it's just easier this way.
scrap stack
Making a fabric doll for Circe my baby out of scraps and then having Eliza claim it as her own. After all previous attempts from me to gain some of her love for my sewing projects have gone unappreciated and worse still been given the aaarrhhh. She even rejected the adorable Little Miss Frock in light blue polka dots with a deep pocket for stashing whatever a 3 year old stashes, usually their big sister's stuff.
little yellow companion
I am loving pockets I want pockets on everything. When you're a mum there is always LEGO and pegs to pick up. I don't exactly know why pegs make the #2 most common item on the floor in my list of 100 most common found useful yet useless item when bunched with 10 other useful items. So I want everything I make to have a deep pocket, very useful when holding a baby for school pick up, keys can fit in front pocket.
Note my adorable patchwork pocket, see special projects for the disaster of pattern misprint resulting in a way too small dress for Me but fitting 10 year old daughter.

I am filling my recently meticulously scrubbed (thank you Aaron!) fridge -front with Eliza's amazing drawings, here she is at work. She spends and an hour and a half then takes a day or two break then wants to work on them some more her dedication and patience are awe inspiring
four louworking bea
All my children are talented, Beatrix spent a day this week making a matchbox bed mattress, doona, and two pillows, for a tiny figurine she had bought. Her blanket stitch is fantastic she too is digging yellow.

Thought I'd share the little nibbles that keep me sane, while sewing. Quince paste on mini toast with leg ham, a square of dark chocolate ,ginger ale and cucumber slices maybe with a dash of pims depending on how indulgent I want to be or how many children I am looking after, and how frustrated I am by said misprinted pattern. Yes I ought to be pretty sloshed by the time I make that last stitch.
working feast

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