Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three breakfasts

Welcome to my Humble Habit, a place where I can escape the chaos of a house with 4 children whom always bring with them 1 or 2 others, adding to the already chaotic whirlwind. My home centres mainly around the kitchen table, the food that was prepared to share with family and neighbours, the sewing the crafting the homework, all take place in this the epicentre of our home.

A normal Sunday morning entails a Brunch of some sort, today however we went simply from one breakfast to another ending up with three scrumptious meals. We began with all of us sharing the same breakfast for once, porridge with pears cooked till glazed and sticky with agave syrup, with the option of hazelnuts or currants. Even my 7 year old whom on the weekend only ever wants pancakes polished it off. We then went and laid down to doze or snuggle in bed, all 6 of us.

Aaron's breakfast followed, this man of mine poaches eggs like nobody I know, I pride myself on being a good cook, but my gosh I cannot poach an egg like he can. Today it was currant and black olives cooked along side maple glazed bacon, served with an unusual accompaniment, a coconut, carrot and lime salad. So yummy and good.

My 7 year's heart felt plea's for his habitual, ritualistic pancake weekends, were to much to ignore. Heart shaped pancakes for morning tea were on the go. Donna Hay's pancake recipe is a favourite, served with strawberries , a scoop of vanilla ice cream, maple and a dusting of icing sugar. He and his little sister were quite content. Tea and more tea followed, as we sat around and spent a nice Sunday morning.


  1. Delicious dishes. The presentation alone is beautiful. Where does your inspiration come from? Do you follow cooking programs or read books or maybe it comes naturally?

  2. @jbjmdj3: Thank you kindly for your comment.

    My inspiration comes from good seasonal produce, some of which are home grown.

    I am a collector of good cookbooks. If a book has great photography, I have to have it.

    I do follow some chefs and yes I do watch some cooking programs. We have been photographing our food for some time, I am so happy to finally share what we eat in my house.

  3. No More Excuses..
    An inspiration to us all, there are no excuses about not having enough time to whip up a 3 course meal when this amazing woman is able to whip up a 3 course breakfast in the one day!!
    This makes very interesting reading...

    Can't wait for the next addition to your blog :)