Saturday, October 30, 2010

first birthday, fourth time

We held a lunch today for my youngest she turned 1 a few weeks back. I wanted a small gathering of family and good friends to celebrate her last year. Compared to others I've thrown in the past this was very low key, I was very happy to have laid out a beautiful lunch for my family whom I don't see enough of.

We gathered around chatting of new jobs, ailments we are suffering as we get older, joked of more children, thought of our sister who couldn't make it and hoped she was feeling better today, thought of how we ought to see each other more, pull together those strings that have come lose or fallen away. A baby turning 1 ought to make us all reflect on life, on how precious it is, and on how much we all need those around us.

Coconut Jelly
2 400 ml tins of light coconut milk

2 tbsp of gelatine or agar

1 cup cold water

1 cup caster sugar

Heat the coconut milk in a small saucepan till hot but not boiling
this will take about 6 minutes.

Remove the coconut milk from the heat and keep in a heatproof jug,
covering it with a tea towel to keep it warm.

Wash and dry the saucepan.

In your dry saucepan add the cold water, sprinkling the gelatine, stirring over heat till it is dissolved.

Pour in coconut milk and add the sugar, keep over the heat and stir for 3 minutes or so, until the sugar has dissolved.

Pour into the mould, and carefully carry to the fridge, where it will rest overnight!


  1. The Coconut Jelly looks amazing, not to mention the Birthday Cake :)) Would have loved to have made it, but unexpected things happen unfortunately not to worry there'll be heaps of family gatherings to last a life-time I'm sure.. Happy 1st Birthday Circe xo

  2. I will be making it again, Not to worry for not making it we understand. as you said there will be many more gatherings.
    Thank you for the Birthday wishes.