Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Ten on Ten

Joining Ten on ten, it's been a while but I always enjoy being here.

1. Why Hello there Miss Circe, is that outfit Numero Uno for the day ?
2. Can you spot the kitties?
3. My late breakfast of something gluten free.
4. Circe wanted to box after my pilates class.
5. Ikea is even harder when you add two kittens.
 6. My first ever attempt at a hoodie, the lining is a repurposed dress of Beatrix's Thank you for the help Miss Funkbunny.
7. Kittens again, they were both unharmed.
8. Beatrix and nutella by the spoonful.....
9. I'm attempting to snack healthy, whilst a nutella jar is two feet away.
10. Fuzzy Phoenix coming home from camping with our neighbour.  Is he still in the same clothes he left in four days ago?
11. Oops eleven.  Too many I know, but Mr B looked too cute, earmuffs are a requirement in our kitchen.

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  1. Aww, that hoodie looks so damn cute on her!

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  3. Firstly I think your photos are perfectly beautiful as is.
    But secondly, thank you so much for your gorgeous words!
    The truth is that photography is the aspect of my blog I have the least confidence in.
    I just kinda make it up as I go along.
    I have a proper copy of photoshop sitting here next to me but I am too scared it'll crash my computer if I install it.
    In the meantime I use iphoto or picmonkey to edit a bit here and there.
    And I always take a gazillion photos of the same thing and edit right down.
    I wish I had something a bit more concrete for you.
    Good luck! And how exciting about the wedding. x