Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sometimes you just gotta let it all go.

I just hit delete on a big post about what we'd been up to. The start of high school the start of prep and the start of a new school, an illness that is still keeping my little darling Circe from doing all she wants to do, like wearing a ballet skirt and balancing bananas on her head and even both at the same time. I deleted it all, ever done that, I do it often now.

Instead I thought I'd tell you the funny things I've had to feed Circe at breakfast since she became ill and since her gluten free diet. She's not keen on the gluten free cereals, who is? I've been making some into honey joys and rice crackles,  it's like a birthday party everyday here, minus the cake!
So, Circe  goes to bed  each night thinking she'll eat more of her yummy dinner as soon as she opens her eyes ( and not a moment later.) No matter what it was she wants it.
Now this is hard for a person like me Breakfast is breakfast, even if I wake at noon ( never happens) I want bacon and eggs or yoghurt and fruit.

Since being ill her appetite is all over the shop!, she eats constantly, her tiny body is working so hard to just feel full. She is not absorbing fats yet so she is just hungry all the time. Her tummy though is trying to process it all with a small intestine that has atrophied with coeliacs. Now this also seems to have made want foods that you would not normally eat first thing in the morning.

For example

I've fed her rice paper rolls with Tamari one day at breakfast, she'd even had them at 1.00 am in her bed half in her sleep.
I've given her ginger ale with soda at 7.00 am.
I've even cooked up a handful of rice noddles and last nights osso Buco for breakfast.
She's had me reheat curry and rice first thing, before I can even have a cup of tea.
She's had spaghetti bolognasie beside her beans on rice toast
I have given her fried rice of which she'll eat two bowls.
We've even had sushi.
Her new thing is ham and cucumber on tooth picks.
Not to mention the little addiction.
She is so addicted to peckish thins, a plain gluten free rice cracker. She asks for them whist she waits for the breakfast/ dinner( whatever it is) when I say she can't have them till morning tea she thinks that's millions of moons away. And it is cause she is waking, starving at 6.30 am.

This is our conversation of late regarding the peckish thins

Circe: " Mum, can I have one of those crackers thingis, what are they called again?".
Me:" rice crackers?"
Circe: " Yes, they're so crunchy and a little bit salty"
Me:" But you've had hundreds"
Circe :" Mum.... I don't want hundreds, I just want one"
Me: "You want one.... for the hundredth time today".

Seeing as I have been spending so much time in the kitchen and she is overseeing all that I am doing, I set up a little sleeping mat for her there.
She gets quite tired, her legs get tired and achy so she spends hours on this mat. Today I snapped her having a colossal three hour nap.

Tomorrow I'll show you how I spent that nap time giving Miss five all of my attention, because she needed it, this has been really hard on her.


  1. Ines, you should be wearing the Wonder Woman outfit!!! You're amazing, how you do it I don't know, I got exhausted just reading the prepared foods you've been making phew!! She looks so tired even when she's asleep, poor little Circe angel darling :) Hopefully she's keeping it all down? At least there are favorite foods still able to be eaten (sis)

  2. All that AND a blog post?! Youre amazing. Keep on feeding your baby bird :) Samantha

  3. It sounds like you've got lots on your plate at the moment I hope that Circe starts to feel better soon it really sounds hard making a transition to a gluten free diet, poor little thing. Take care I hope things settle down for all of you soon. xx

  4. Oh dear! What an emotional exhausting ride you have been on. Here's hoping that things settle down soon with your little one and she is on the road to feeling better. I'm currently doing dairy free for one of mine to see if that is reason for an allergy, a bit frustrating at times but there are so many foods available now for various diets. My local organic shop has a lot more products to choose from than the supermarket. Alison xxx

  5. oh your poor thing - definitely feel for you! We have a GF intolerance issue only thankfully and that can be tricky enough. I don't know if it would be an option but even though The Munchkin likes her rice puffs plain, sometimes I melt a little coconut oil and maple syrup or honey in a saucepan, teaspoons full so hardly any, and stir that through the puffs and then add the milk - very tasty - or after adding oil mix toast in the oven for a little while. Very tasty also. Sorry, no other help just support x

  6. Thanks everyone, it's been so hard to see her go through this and to know that she will ahve this for the rest of her life.
    Thanks for the suggestions Allana on the cereal, i will try that the coconut oil will add the extra fat she needs as well.
    Thanks for the support!