Wednesday, October 17, 2012

it begins today

Today I saw an opportunity.
I didn't procrastinate I didn't um and ahhh. I asked for what I wanted, what I needed, and I got it. Time to paint or draw, time to find the artist in me again.

Aaron left the house with Circe in tow to pick up Eliza from kinder, and I didn't waste a minute. I knew how precious this time was, I got to work. I cleared our sun room. I washed the windows and floor in there, this room recently housed our baby chicks and it still smelt of hay. I moved a couple of tables in and set up my space.

I dusted off the paints, threw out the hardened crusty ones,I discovered I had next to no paper to draw on except the end of an IKEA roll of paper, have to fix that mighty soon.

My gosh I was home alone and I was drawing not doing housework, write this down I tell you. I did have one visitor, Calvin the cat that thinks he lives here. He sniffed and brushed up against all the new things he hadn't seen till now. I even wrote a corny note on my blackboard so as to trigger this feeling I have in me to start something today.

My first projects are a commissioned painting, something botanical for a nursery. Concurrently I will also aim to get out four pieces for an art show in November, and a donated piece for auction in the art show for my children's school. Oh and maybe even for a small run of my own fabric, is that dreaming too big? I think not!

It begins today.

where I sat salad portrait with flowers desk studio cat visitor botanical drawing studio 3 keep calm studio

Friday, October 12, 2012


During these last holidays we took a very spontaneous camping trip.

I like camping, there's not much else to say about that.  I'm happy when I camp.  Aaron gets to be fire boy, Phoenix gets to read, Eliza gathers sticks, Bea builds a shelter, Circe gets to be outside.  It makes you feel more all together.

Everyone stuffs their face with marshmallows.

I'm happy when I camp.

self shot
red boots
camp food - nachos 1
camp food - the horde
country style
overhead 1
overhead 2
inside out
the laugh
lens flarte wine
the river